A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

An unofficial simulator where you can drive vehicles from Tesla Motors.


  • Vehicles: Model S, Model X, Model 3, Roadster 2020 (yes, it can do 0-100 in 2 seconds in the game), Semi
  • The real test track that's located behind the Tesla factory in Fremont, California
  • The co-founder of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk, has also founded the rocket company SpaceX. Two of the rockets in the background are from SpaceX. The other rocket is the Saturn V that launched us to the Moon
  • The boring machine from The Boring Company, which is another project by Elon Musk

Instructions: Press escape to open the menu and you will find all keys.

System requirements:

  • OS: Windows XP SP2+, Mac OS X 10.9+, Ubuntu 12.04+, SteamOS+
  • Graphics card: DX9 (shader model 3.0) or DX11 with feature level 9.3 capabilities

Homepage: habrador.com/p/tesla-simulator/

Follow me on Twitter for more Tesla spam: twitter.com/eriknordeus

Last update: 2019-02-11


How can I download the game?1. Find out which system you have: Windows, Linux, or Mac
2. Press download button and the zip folder with the game will be downloaded to your computer
3. Unzip the folder
4. Double-click on the exe file to start the game (if you are on Windows). Otherwise you have to figure out somewhere else how to start the game. 
Why is everything pink? The Mac and Linux versions are untested because I don't own any of these! If you are on a Mac or Linux and everything is pink, try to download the "light" version, which is exactly the same - except a little brighter and fewer shadows.
How often will you update the game?This is a free game made by a single person so I will update when I have time! The plan is to collect feedback and ideas from the last update during some period, and then make the update.
Will you add interior?The problem with the interior is that it's very time consuming to make detailed interior, so I may add it in the future, but not soon.
Will you add doors?This would require detailed interior, so see above.
Will you add lights?Yes, I just have to figure out which light should be on at which time.
Why can't I drive the Semi with trailer?I've noticed that sometimes the Semi with trailer is stuck and will not move whatever you do. If it happens, try to first reverse and then press forward. I will try to fix this bug in the next update.


Tesla Sim Linux - light.zip 36 MB
Tesla Sim Linux.zip 36 MB
Tesla Sim Mac - light.zip 33 MB
Tesla Sim Mac.zip 33 MB
Tesla Sim Windows.zip 28 MB

Development log


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can you make a game that runs on linux the linux download did not run i download 43 game that did not run


maybe make it so when you crash and stuff the teslas accually break and dent


this game is so cool i love it , its so realistic




Hi, just wanted to tell you how awesome this game is! This game is overall really cool and I appreciate how much time you (probably) spent on this game. :)

Thank you! <3


when will you make the roadsster 1st generation drivble

how you play it


If you added more roads and maybe an autopilot feature that would be awesome! I am a software and game developer, so I think this would be more realistic. Thanks!

When next update?


I remember playing this back in 2016, this game used to have an area where some cars drove by themselves and it had a moving wall. Can you add this to the game again? It was fun crashing into the moving cars and trying to get hit by that moving wall.


I've added it to my ideas list!


Do you think... that you could implement fat and explosive self-driving teslas?


Do you think that would be fun to play? Because you would just sit and stare at the screen while the car is driving around :S

It would be great have that option and also will make the game more realistic.


But it would be awesome and fascinating, a self driving car on your screen!

(1 edit)

I think this will need some serious optimisation. Maybe try using less detailed collision meshes for the vehicles ?

I think you may need to lower quality settings/screen resolution because the collision meshes are just two boxes and I cant simplify that :)

Wow. Amazing how unity sucks. I've always said it, and I'll continue saying it.

Hey... could you make an android version?

I don't have an android device, so that might be a problem, but maybe in the future...

i was asking how do u download the game???

Press download button!

Hey I downloaded it but idk how to open or start the game.

(1 edit)

Unzip and click on the exe file (if you have a PC). If you are on Mac or Linux you have to google because I have no idea!


I loved it. It was my dream to have a game where I can drive my dream car thank you!!! Can you make a smaller unity project with some teslas and the test track on IOS so I could drive it with tilting on my iPad when I am in the train? It would be the best racing game in the world can you post it on the app store I will buy it!!!!!!!😍🙏

Thanks! First of all I can't sell it because that will upset Tesla, and secondly I can't put it on the iOS appstore because I don't own an apple computer which you need to test it and put it on the store :( But it might happen in the future :)


Nice thank you! Could you add more roads like a highway, bridges and small awesome  roads in the forest ? 😂 Because I am driving the test track forever now and I need some diversification 😂Thank you again. This game is my new past time ❤️

When is the model Y coming

To make it I need time + blueprints + reference photos of which I have neither :)

Hey... you will add the Model Y to the game when it comes out... Right?

Yes I will!

If no broken windows, can we at least have more colours of the Model X? Or the 2017 Model X instead of the one with the nosecone

Yes, that is on my todo list!

Can we have broken windows?

Nope, that would require detailed interior!

Really? Well ok...


Is there a possibility of fixing the weird camera speed? Horizontal speed is really slow while moving up and down feels really fast.

(1 edit)

Yes there is! I didnt know that was a problem, so I will add it to my todo list for the next update! Are we talking about the first person camera or the car follow camera?

Why is there no Tesla logo btw?

To easier change the name to "Not a Tesla Simulator" if Elon Musk wants to sue me :)

(1 edit) (+1)

Crash on linux

I will investigate! After a quick search I saw that a lot of Linux users have the same problem with Unity games, so it might not be anything I can fix...

Hi, so the Semi w/trailer sometimes tends to move places by itself. Self driving or glitch?

I am on Tesla Sim Mac Light

That must be a mac bug? Because I've never seen it move on its own...

Oh ok

How about an interior view, lights and opening doors?

Ive answered those questions in the FAQ!



(2 edits)

Can you add lights? a trailer for the Semi? Can you also add the dents back? If possible, an interior view and opening doors!

Did you play the latest version? Because the semi has a trailer and destruction has been added back!

(1 edit)

Oh, cool! Well ill check it out. 

Hey, how did you fix the wheels acceleration issue?

By doing what you suggested a couple of posts down!

The game looks cool but it would be better if I could actually  download it. It says file is executable and it doesn't let me. :( 

What version are you trying to download?

(1 edit)

I tried all of them including the new update, I  have a Linux. I tried every download button just in case, but nothing works. 


Hello austrealians love this game and has ranked to top 50 best Itch.io game of 2019

Fantastic! I will add kangaroos to the game as thank you!

it is great, but i have problems with anything else than the model s, on the other cars when i release the speeder the cars continue for a few seconds before slowing down. i know you are busy, but when you have the time it would be cool if that was fixed, it would make this game absolutely perfect

how do i open the game

i downloaded it

Unzip it and click on the exe file if you are on pc. If you are on mac or linux you have to ask someone else :P

Hey! you should add 32-bit version.

Ive added it to my todo list!


You should make the old roadster drivable again. 

Ive added it to my todo list!


I will put this on my channel if you fix the pink Mac screen cause that what I film on :P

Did you download the light Mac version?

(1 edit) (+2)

Since there are Tesla Superchargers in front of the building, can you make it to where you can actually super charge the cars? :)

Maybe in the future! The problem is how to move the cable. I tried to implement a cable in an old version but it looked kinda strange, so I removed it. 

(1 edit) (+1)

Maybe you can hold left click on the cable and drag it into the side of one of the cars(a bubble could appear around the tip when you look at it)? And when you release left click, it could zip back into the machine.

(1 edit)

Issue with the Model 3, the Roadster and the Model X: The accelerator gets jammed wide open for a few seconds after you release W/S or the arrow keys. I am on Windows.


Im aware of that and I think I know what the solution is! It will hopefully come soon (when I have time)


It would be cool if the Roadster had the SpaceX package, those cold gas thrusters they were talking about for even better acceleration, stability and braking.


Great new models, I was impatient for this update :D, but you should limit the RPM of the WheelColliders! For my game I use an AnimationCurve to reduce the torque as the RPM goes up. If you don't do that, the car keeps accelerating for a while after you release the key. You can use this calculator to determine the max RPM of each car: http://www.endmemo.com/physics/rpmlinear.php It's also important to not to apply all the torque from the beginning. Actual cars gradually increase the power even if you put the pedal to the metal.

And what happened with the door handles of Model S? they are not animated anymore.

(1 edit) (+1)

Im already using torque curves - and neither am I applying all torque when pressing "gas pedal" it just feels like it because the Roadster is so fast and has to do 0-100 in 2 seconds

(1 edit) (+2)

Yeah, I understand that. Just a key is not enough to control the power of the Roadster. A gaming pedal or the shoulder/trigger of a gamepad is necessary for slower acceleration, or you could simulate the pedal with a throttle bar. For example: W = increase throttle, S = decrease throttle, nothing = throttle keeps fixed, Z = max throttle input, X = zero throttle input.

But what I'm talking about can be seen in the other cars too. You can see it very easily this way: Get a very high speed and jump over a ramp, when the car touches down, it will accelerate again for a while like if you were still pressing the W. Did you make sure the RPM are exactly what they should be?


Yeah, its odd that it keeps accelerating when it touches down. I will try to find a solution for that!

2018 quad-core MacBook Pro with 8th generation Intel CPU... shows a pink screen.

Did you try the light version specifically released for those with that issue?


The accelerator gets stuck when I drive with the new roadster, but I see it as a challenge. 

Deleted post

Same with the Model 3


I think that you should really add the destruction back. I like it.

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