Update 2019-02-11

  • Added more Semi colors
  • Fixed bug where the cars continued to accelerate after gas pedal was released. I think this also fixed the bug where the wheels sometimes were rotating even though the car didnt move 
  • Some of you were sad that I removed destruction, so it's back! I also added breathtaking sparks effects :)
  • Increased the radius that determines if you can enter a vehicle, so it will make it easier to enter the Semi
  • Added a trailer to the Semi. It might sometimes be buggy, so if you cant start try press forward/reverse a few times and it should start moving. I've also noticed that the semi with trailer stops working if you crash into the semi. That bug will be fixed in the next update! 


Tesla Sim Linux - light.zip 36 MB
Feb 11, 2019
Tesla Sim Linux.zip 36 MB
Feb 11, 2019
Tesla Sim Mac - light.zip 33 MB
Feb 11, 2019
Tesla Sim Mac.zip 33 MB
Feb 11, 2019
Tesla Sim Windows.zip 28 MB
Feb 11, 2019

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can you please add custom colors that we can customise?

Please add the new model X and model Y! Can't wait for them! You are doing a great work! Thanks

I reckon you should add alternatives views, since when driving the semi its hard to see where your going in some places 

What physics do you use to simulate the suspension and tire friction?

It's just Unity's built-in wheel collider!

Deleted post

Just press download button and it downloads the game! You don't need to log in!

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