Update 2018-11-17

What I added:

  • New trees and bushes
  • Changed graphics settings (Can now play the game with Ludicrous graphics)
  • Improved test track textures
  • Improved supercharger model
  • Improved parking space
  • Added wind power plants
  • Improved factory graphics
  • Removed the old Roadster
  • New Semi (not 100 percent complete) and Roadster 2020 models
  • Improved Model S and Model 3 models
  • Removed destruction (because it wasn't accurate enough but crash sound is still there), and lights (might come back later)
  • Added brake button (space)

What I didn't add:

  • New Model X model so the ugly one is still in the game
  • "Not a flamethrower" which I might have promised to add in a tweet


Tesla Sim PC.zip 30 MB
Nov 17, 2018
Tesla Sim Mac.zip 32 MB
Nov 17, 2018
Tesla Sim Linux.zip 35 MB
Nov 17, 2018

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