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The game is super fun and cool and everything but what would make it much better is if you added missions and allowed you to put Tesla's inside of the semi and maybe expand the world to a populated city thx 

I read on your twitter that the cybertruck and cone throwing was coming. When?

I would love for this to be like Beamng drive but for teslas. 

I would like realistic damage pls more on the map and AI thank you

I am not able to get in the 1st gen raodster

I would like 2 things cyber truck and opening doors pls.

+ i want cybertruck

When i launch the application on macOS Catalina, it just goes to a purple screen.


yes interior and the tablet screen

It would be awesome 


I reckon you should add alternatives views, since when driving the semi its hard to see where your going in some places 


Can you make updates 2x a year?

if so pls make the cybertruck............Truckla

Does not wanna open on macOS 10.15.1 Catalina. 

Yes, I used the both tesla sim light and the regular one.

Right Click on “Tesla Sim Mac” –> Show Package Contents –> Contents –> MacOS.

In the MacOS folder you will find a file named “Tesla Sim Mac”.

Open Terminal and type chmod +x with a space at the end (do NOT press enter yet).

Drag “Tesla Sim Mac” file from the MacOS folder into the Terminal. Press Enter.

Try launching the app again

it worked thanks!

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when Cybertruck and old Roadster?


Coming soon, hopefully?


hello can you put the old roadster back as drivable and add the new tesla cybertruck and upcoming cyberquad in the game as drivables

can you make a game that runs on linux the linux download did not run i download 43 game that did not run


maybe make it so when you crash and stuff the teslas accually break and dent


this game is so cool i love it , its so realistic




Hi, just wanted to tell you how awesome this game is! This game is overall really cool and I appreciate how much time you (probably) spent on this game. :)

Thank you! <3


when will you make the roadsster 1st generation drivble

how you play it


If you added more roads and maybe an autopilot feature that would be awesome! I am a software and game developer, so I think this would be more realistic. Thanks!

When next update?


I remember playing this back in 2016, this game used to have an area where some cars drove by themselves and it had a moving wall. Can you add this to the game again? It was fun crashing into the moving cars and trying to get hit by that moving wall.


I've added it to my ideas list!


Do you think... that you could implement fat and explosive self-driving teslas?


Do you think that would be fun to play? Because you would just sit and stare at the screen while the car is driving around :S

It would be great have that option and also will make the game more realistic.


But it would be awesome and fascinating, a self driving car on your screen!

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I think this will need some serious optimisation. Maybe try using less detailed collision meshes for the vehicles ?

I think you may need to lower quality settings/screen resolution because the collision meshes are just two boxes and I cant simplify that :)

Wow. Amazing how unity sucks. I've always said it, and I'll continue saying it.

Hey... could you make an android version?

I don't have an android device, so that might be a problem, but maybe in the future...

i was asking how do u download the game???

Press download button!

Hey I downloaded it but idk how to open or start the game.

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Unzip and click on the exe file (if you have a PC). If you are on Mac or Linux you have to google because I have no idea!

You have to make an itch acount and download game\


I loved it. It was my dream to have a game where I can drive my dream car thank you!!! Can you make a smaller unity project with some teslas and the test track on IOS so I could drive it with tilting on my iPad when I am in the train? It would be the best racing game in the world can you post it on the app store I will buy it!!!!!!!😍🙏

Thanks! First of all I can't sell it because that will upset Tesla, and secondly I can't put it on the iOS appstore because I don't own an apple computer which you need to test it and put it on the store :( But it might happen in the future :)


Nice thank you! Could you add more roads like a highway, bridges and small awesome  roads in the forest ? 😂 Because I am driving the test track forever now and I need some diversification 😂Thank you again. This game is my new past time ❤️

When is the model Y coming

To make it I need time + blueprints + reference photos of which I have neither :)

Hey... you will add the Model Y to the game when it comes out... Right?

Yes I will!

If no broken windows, can we at least have more colours of the Model X? Or the 2017 Model X instead of the one with the nosecone

Yes, that is on my todo list!

Can we have broken windows?

Nope, that would require detailed interior!

Really? Well ok...


Is there a possibility of fixing the weird camera speed? Horizontal speed is really slow while moving up and down feels really fast.

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Yes there is! I didnt know that was a problem, so I will add it to my todo list for the next update! Are we talking about the first person camera or the car follow camera?

Why is there no Tesla logo btw?

To easier change the name to "Not a Tesla Simulator" if Elon Musk wants to sue me :)

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Crash on linux

I will investigate! After a quick search I saw that a lot of Linux users have the same problem with Unity games, so it might not be anything I can fix...

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