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how do you play this? I tried but all I could do was walk around and look at the cars

The sensitivity is bad in my opinion, can you add a sensitivity option? and can you optimize the game?


I don't think he can optimise the game. Unity is really bad in itself tbh.

User Error causes problems in Unity


Obviously. However, even a demo Unity game (those from the Unity dev tutorials) consumes way more than what it should.

Yeah, because it's a demo. A demonstration. Not a fully fledged game. 

It's super easy to optimize unity games, and add options, like Leonardo requested, you just need to know what you're doing.


Whats funny is other games not about teslas have the cyber truck but this game does not, it would be nice for this to be the first game with the cyber quad though :)



Hi, just tried playing the updated version on my Mac, and I'm pretty sure it's broken.


can you add the gas guzzler back into the gane


can you make it so you can drive the old roadster and make the semi truck have detachible trailer using enter


i can not open the new version

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I'm not a tesla fanboy, but I'm glad I found this game/tech demo, love the simplicity, I start to like the hole electric car concept and this just accelerates my love for them.


Make mouse movement in vehicle move the camera around (and less sensitive when walking car to car to semi to car to, you get my point :-) I think)

Add the original design of model s (I prefer that since it has a face, yes I see faces in cars and the modern tesla's lack them)

Make the original roadster drivable, you got a model of it in game so I see it happen

And that's it really, in order of what I like to see first to last.



Please add cybertruck!



its not working on windows


And the  model Y would be perfect!


Good job! Please add the normal model x, the one in the game is the concept! Thanks!

More updates please! How do You Get In?

pls add cyber truck

pls let us drive the old roadster again PLS :) and dis baby

Hello can't open on mac 10.15.3 OS 

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make it that you can put other Teslas in the back of the Semi

also put in the CyberTruck and cyber quad

also the model Y

I really wanna know how

 do you play the game

The game is super fun and cool and everything but what would make it much better is if you added missions and allowed you to put Tesla's inside of the semi and maybe expand the world to a populated city thx 

I read on your twitter that the cybertruck and cone throwing was coming. When?

I would love for this to be like Beamng drive but for teslas. 

I would like realistic damage pls more on the map and AI thank you

I am not able to get in the 1st gen raodster

I would like all Teslas to be in game like model c model c van minivan cybertruck and all others please

Heh heh sorry about that I looked up a pic of the semi and i was wrong but im still a tesla pro

I would like 2 things cyber truck and opening doors pls.

+ i want cybertruck

I finally got in and the game is great I realized 2 problems with the vehicles 1 the model x is not in the game but the model t is the model t is the model x but with first model s "grill" and the Tesla semi has to many rear wheels. But it is a very good game and I hope we get lots more updates in the future, THX.

When i launch the application on macOS Catalina, it just goes to a purple screen.


yes interior and the tablet screen

It would be awesome 


I reckon you should add alternatives views, since when driving the semi its hard to see where your going in some places 


Can you make updates 2x a year?

if so pls make the cybertruck............Truckla

Does not wanna open on macOS 10.15.1 Catalina. 

Yes, I used the both tesla sim light and the regular one.

Right Click on “Tesla Sim Mac” –> Show Package Contents –> Contents –> MacOS.

In the MacOS folder you will find a file named “Tesla Sim Mac”.

Open Terminal and type chmod +x with a space at the end (do NOT press enter yet).

Drag “Tesla Sim Mac” file from the MacOS folder into the Terminal. Press Enter.

Try launching the app again

it worked thanks!

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when Cybertruck and old Roadster?


Coming soon, hopefully?

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