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Hey, how did you fix the wheels acceleration issue?

By doing what you suggested a couple of posts down!

The game looks cool but it would be better if I could actually  download it. It says file is executable and it doesn't let me. :( 

What version are you trying to download?

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I tried all of them including the new update, I  have a Linux. I tried every download button just in case, but nothing works. 


Hello austrealians love this game and has ranked to top 50 best game of 2019

Fantastic! I will add kangaroos to the game as thank you!

it is great, but i have problems with anything else than the model s, on the other cars when i release the speeder the cars continue for a few seconds before slowing down. i know you are busy, but when you have the time it would be cool if that was fixed, it would make this game absolutely perfect

how do i open the game

i downloaded it

Unzip it and click on the exe file if you are on pc. If you are on mac or linux you have to ask someone else :P

Hey! you should add 32-bit version.

Ive added it to my todo list!


You should make the old roadster drivable again. 

Ive added it to my todo list!


I will put this on my channel if you fix the pink Mac screen cause that what I film on :P

Did you download the light Mac version?

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Since there are Tesla Superchargers in front of the building, can you make it to where you can actually super charge the cars? :)

Maybe in the future! The problem is how to move the cable. I tried to implement a cable in an old version but it looked kinda strange, so I removed it. 

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Maybe you can hold left click on the cable and drag it into the side of one of the cars(a bubble could appear around the tip when you look at it)? And when you release left click, it could zip back into the machine.

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Issue with the Model 3, the Roadster and the Model X: The accelerator gets jammed wide open for a few seconds after you release W/S or the arrow keys. I am on Windows.


Im aware of that and I think I know what the solution is! It will hopefully come soon (when I have time)


It would be cool if the Roadster had the SpaceX package, those cold gas thrusters they were talking about for even better acceleration, stability and braking.


Great new models, I was impatient for this update :D, but you should limit the RPM of the WheelColliders! For my game I use an AnimationCurve to reduce the torque as the RPM goes up. If you don't do that, the car keeps accelerating for a while after you release the key. You can use this calculator to determine the max RPM of each car: It's also important to not to apply all the torque from the beginning. Actual cars gradually increase the power even if you put the pedal to the metal.

And what happened with the door handles of Model S? they are not animated anymore.

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Im already using torque curves - and neither am I applying all torque when pressing "gas pedal" it just feels like it because the Roadster is so fast and has to do 0-100 in 2 seconds

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Yeah, I understand that. Just a key is not enough to control the power of the Roadster. A gaming pedal or the shoulder/trigger of a gamepad is necessary for slower acceleration, or you could simulate the pedal with a throttle bar. For example: W = increase throttle, S = decrease throttle, nothing = throttle keeps fixed, Z = max throttle input, X = zero throttle input.

But what I'm talking about can be seen in the other cars too. You can see it very easily this way: Get a very high speed and jump over a ramp, when the car touches down, it will accelerate again for a while like if you were still pressing the W. Did you make sure the RPM are exactly what they should be?


Yeah, its odd that it keeps accelerating when it touches down. I will try to find a solution for that!

2018 quad-core MacBook Pro with 8th generation Intel CPU... shows a pink screen.

Did you try the light version specifically released for those with that issue?


The accelerator gets stuck when I drive with the new roadster, but I see it as a challenge. 

Deleted post

Same with the Model 3


I think that you should really add the destruction back. I like it.

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Can you upload a Light version for Linux? I'm running into the same problem with the pink screen, thanks in advance.


I installed the new update on my MacBook Pro (Retina) Early 2015 and when I load the game up its just pink, the whole screen, I can still see the FPS at the top but ya... :(

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Oh, I clicked E and managed to get in a car but its still pink
Edit: I tried different resolutions and quality but nothing changed

same things happening to me!!!

I will investigate! I don't own a mac so it might get tricky...

Same problem here... Could this help?

New version is up! Is it working?


Installed the game about 1 hour before the update. Some multiplayer could be really nice. (That's just an idea like that, no pressure)

most annoying thing ever had to make new acc

Could you maybe upload new trailer(s) from the update on YouTube?

1 Last thing LOL , but when is the new update?

Eventually (as in maybe next week) :P

This game is very realistic and beautiful I cannot stop playing

And another thing is that could you change the design of the car asap?

Hello Erik ,

I had to make a new account so sorry but yes if you could try , un tint the windows and if you can just try (im not trying to force you) just try to make an interior update.


Dear Erik,

Could you put an option to change the camera into the interior of the cars and on the Model X could you un-tint the windows?


No inside camera in the near future because then I have to spend a million years making detailed interior. BUT I will add simple interior to the Model X in the next update and un-tint the windows. They are tinted now because theres nothing inside :P


Dear Erik, please make a new tesla model X and S design. I hate that old grill. 


Model X:

Model S:

Sincerely, Guido

Dont worry, its on my todo list :P

I’ll see! 😄

Will you add sounds soon?

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It already has sounds! Theres a sound from the wind/road and when crashing! Electric cars dont make much sounds!

Yea sorry XD, noticed now though

Can You Do This For a Chromebook? I really want to play this but I have a chromebook


This is the only way I can drive a Tesla. Thank you soooooooooooo much!!!

It really seems pointless as a game but in a showcase genre, you could probably adapt better thing thinking that this is a showcase rather then a game.


If you are not going to update it, make it open source. Don't be selfish. Let others improve it.



The linux version doesn't start, I'm on Kubuntu 17.10.


Hello, it's made with Unity game engine, which supports Ubuntu 12.04+

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OK, but that doesn't help me. I don't feel like installing Legacy operating systems JUST to play this game. and I have tried in on Ubuntu 14.04 through 17.10, and all come up with an error: "Unable to start TeslaSimLinux.x86, no such file or directory" (BTW: Kubuntu and all other <insert generic first letter of desktop environment name here>-ubuntu linux Distros have the same Ubuntu core, if it works on Ubuntu 12.04; it will work on Kubuntu 12.04, if it works on Ubuntu 16.04; it will work on Ubuntu Mate 16.04)


Go to properties and check the "allow executing file as program".

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The game doesn't load at all. What am I supposed to do to load the game? Is the game even playable at all? I kinda doubt it, but if you manage you allow people to play it, please respond once you do. Thx for the help!! FYI after I downloaded the game, it says that "" isn't in the data folder, when I can clearly see it bright as day inside the folder.


i found the secret or just structure space x rockets xD

hmm? Can you make some realistic crashes? And the space x Tesla launch

cause I cant get it online

please make it on Mac App Store 

how do you get in the cars pls reply i want to know

press E

how do you get in the cars?

Tesla Service Center? 

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