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can you update the mac version,  i really like it

where can i find the boring tunnel?

In a future update!


Where in the game?


pls put cybertruck in here


WE KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


⊞ β version of this

Do day and night plz

There's already day and night! Ever heard of midnight sun? 🌞


DO day and night plz

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Plz be able to charge your Tesla and be able to run out of power and you need to tow it with the semi to the charge place plz

Who will tow the semi if it runs out of juice?

the model s x 3

Deleted 2 years ago

another tesla semi


Do you plan on having every (known/possible) Tesla drivable in the game?


Yes, but making car models takes a lot of time so be patient! Changing the configuration of a specific car model (such as number of motors) is easier but I have to find a good way to show which car has a specific configuration. 


True, good luck

Where can you find these?

You can find them either at Starbase, Texas, or in Tesla Simulator game!

Deleted 2 years ago

I mean where in the game?

The map is not that big, I'm sure you'll find it!


 Where is the white Semi?

The white Semi got dirty during test drive! The question is where is the Red semi?

Oh yeah

yeah, but then where's the black one?

What do you mean habrador? It's just a simulator

I can’t drive plz HALP

Yes you can! That's my screenshot meaning I can't drive!

OKAY I was jus’ kiddin’

How did you do that?

I pressed print screen and pasted it into Paint.NET and saved the image

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Deleted 2 years ago


Why is there smoke?

Plz fix model x

That is right, da model x is ugly as heck.

Elon Musk loves this game...

Also there is a flamethrower in the game right...?

No, you can only find the Not-a-flamethrower!!!

pls add autopitot and a city

Coming in the future

Ok nice

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Is this the 0-60 mph 1.1 roadster?

If it does 0-60 mph in 1.1 seconds it might be...

(In real life)

Deleted 2 years ago

Is this a flamethrower?

Nope! It's a not-a-flamethrower


It's a flamethrower but it's called not a flamethrower

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Harbrador did you create this or do you work for Unity?

I created this!

I mean do you work only for this game or the Unity company

I used Unity game engine to make this game, which is why it says "made with unity" which is something that pops up automatically 



Nice game!





Wait- is it even a flamethrower?

It's a flamethrower, But it's called not-a-flamethrower (Bruh.png) haha


Can you launch a rocket?

No you can't, this is Tesla Simulator - not SpaceX Simulator!


Where is the flamethrower in the pics?

There's no flamethrower - just a not-a-flamethrower

fix the cyberboi


The Cyberboi is next on my todo list! I was planning to wait until that Musk guy finished the final version of it but it takes sooooo long so I might as well finish it before :)

Ok cool. :)

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What is the cyberboi? Plz halp me

Cyberboi is the tesla cybertruck.


Is models you made yur own?May I also have the models and if possible the code,Im trying to make a game,I will give credits.

Yes the models are made by me. If you want the Model S and the Semi you can find them somewhere in this project, which is open source:

Thank you

Light doesn’t have beta


Could you make a menu to make the cars cannot drift and also add the model y and make us go to our pov with pressing f5?


also fix the cybertruck's texture


add the plaid model s and x.


detailed interior and character

Deleted 2 years ago


not f5 something else, f5 cant be used on mac


could you add the model y and the old roadster?

And would you consider adding older models?

The old Roadster has already been re-added in the beta!

Oh nice, could you add the 2012 model S?

All ready in

no it isn't...

Deleted 2 years ago

can you make a beta version for mac pls

Old Roadster si actually in beta btw.

um habrador already replied, check the replies before you reply

Sorry lol

Where is the Flamethrowr in the pics?

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Its currently only available in the BETA and then you press 2. By the way its NOT-a-flamethrower!

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Oh ok,what is i-OHHHHHHH



Be careful!

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Be very careful BC it may break or crash OR stop working forever!!!😫


Did you unzip? 🤔

i don't know how to

right click and then extract


cool stunt???????


Please be careful with the Semi prototype or Elon Musk may come after you!

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I am Elon and I have come to stop you from breaking my Teslas (JK)

How did you do that?


this is actually a really good game!


Some glitches tho


Nice game!

How do i know the is installed

And how to start to play

is this game resource hungry?

You can always lower resolution and quality


Nice game

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Please make it open source on GitHub, so people with free time can make pull requests with fixes at the very least. I have Linux and Mac so I could fix the pink issue for example.

i cant drive at all help?

maybe look up how to drive in the game.

Wasd to walk/drive e/enter to enter/exit car 🚙 

Press esc and see more!


fuck this game 

cant steer 

too fast 

i will never own a tesla


Lol u funny i will own one

Use the brake pedal!

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